RIABiz is an online journal covering the financial advice business. Our Mill Valley, Calif.-based publication rose from the wreckage of the 2008 financial meltdown and the tattering of printed trade publications. RIABiz uses sourced journalism and editorial analysis to capture the rise of new models for providing client-first financial advice against the backdrop of Wall Street's decline. After nine years in business, RIABiz knows readers properly binge on the NetFlix-worthy action when we put the story in words the freshest data, facts, context, photographs -- and drama. 

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Brooke Southall

Principal, Reporter


Brooke is known locally in Sausalito, Calif. as a cyclist, houseboater, and the guy with the huge black dog. On the web he's known as a regular voice on the happenings of the RIA business. He started RIABiz in 2009 after deciding the industry could use a more focused channel of information, which has proven to be the case. Brooke oversees the flow of articles on RIABiz, but still gets to spend a considerable amount of time reporting and writing. Somehow he manages to pump out story after story despite the frequently crashing of his Windows 7 laptop and his hunt-and-peck typing method.

Frank Noto

Principal, Chief of Business Affairs


Frank hails from the Garden State, and regardless of being here in the Bay Area for over 25 years, he's always rooting hard for his beloved Yankees. Frank heads-up the RIABiz advertising program, along with tending to his duties of managing our business and financial operations. He's been in publishing within the advisory market since starting at InvestmentNews in 2000, at about the same time Brooke became the RIA-beat reporter for our former employer. He lives with his wife, Roni, along with their 3 daughters and a goldendoodle in San Anselmo. Almost every day, Frank is running the trails around Mt Tamalpais.

Dina Hampton

Managing Editor


Dina is a graduate of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and has worked for 16 years as a reporter and editor for publications including The New York Times, the New York Daily News, InvestmentNews, Stage Directions and Oxygen.com. Her book, “Little Red: Three Passionate Lives Through the Sixties and Beyond,” was published in March 2013 by PublicAffairs Books. Dina lives and works in New York City.

Lisa Shidler

Contributing Reporter


Lisa has been a reporter for over 15 years and has been covering the financial services industry for 8 years - she also comes from the world of InvestmentNews. She's been with RIABiz since November 2010. Lisa is based in the middle of the country on the northwest corner of Indiana, about an hour from Chicago. She's married with two young children – Liz and Chance.

John and Dawn Kodin

Managers of RIABiz Directory, Advertising representatives

John - 360.714.8662
Dawn - 360.647.2842

John and Dawn live in the Northwest in Bellingham, Washington, are avid outdoors people, and are really into road bicycles, hiking and motorcycles. They have been managing the Directory since its launch in 2010. They are excited to see the continued growth of RIABiz and the Directory in the past few years, as the Directory approaches 900 companies involved in the RIA marketplace. John and Dawn are also part of our ad sales team.

Robin Riley

Senior Vice President


Robin joined RIABiz in September, 2016. She’s been in publishing all her career and specifically within the financial advisory market since 2000. To date she’s covered just about every territory in the country seeing her clients & enjoys it very much, as she’s passionate about the business & loves the challenge. She lives with her husband George and they share their time between New York City and Rowayton, CT.          

Graham Thomas

Senior Vice President


If Graham wasn't working to sell advertising for RIABiz, he might be writing its articles and, in fact, sometimes does. Despite working in financial advisory publishing since 1999, he never stops asking questions and spreading his contagious enthusiasm. He started in San Francisco with Research magazine before spending eight years with InvestmentNews. He lives in Chicago with his wife and their two young daughters. 

Terence Hong

Head Site Engineer
Terence maintains the RIABiz website and email system. He has a background in pediatric medical imaging research, and first ventured into software engineering when his work called for manipulating large data sets. Terence enjoys big data challenges and is currently located in Toronto, Canada.