RIABiz is unique among the advisory market’s web publications in that we are not all things to all financial advisors. We are the website where the top 20% of advisors who conduct 80% of the business go to find content that reflects their energy, ambition and professionalism.

RIAs – short for registered investment advisors -- are the discrete slice of financial advisors that comprise our reader base. Rather than being the of financial news, RIABiz provides our readers with a select but steady flow of breaking news features and opinion pieces for, by and about RIAs and the businesses in their orbit.

We cover the bread-and-butter topics that affect our readers’ businesses and bottom lines: fintech, 401(k)s, TAMPs, regulatory compliance and asset custody. RIAs care about these matters and so do we. RIABiz also covers – with gusto -- breaking deals, hot trends and career moves in an advisory sector where mom-and-pop practices co-exist – and are quickly drawing even with -- billion-dollar AUM firms.

Holding fast to a content-first, sector-exclusive approach is how we best serve our two valued constituencies: readers and advertisers.

RIABiz readers receive a potent yet measured intravenous drip of essential information. Advertisers get pure access to these targeted readers in a business model on the right side of regulatory history -- readers who are an ideal fit for premium advertisers who seek to build long-term relationships with the RIA market.


Monthly Unique Visitors: 96,459  (6-month average - January to June 2020)
Source: Google Analytics
Header (above the fold) 728x90 $155/cpm
Right-Rail 1 (above the fold) 300x250 $155/cpm
In-Content 1 300x250 $145/cpm
Right-Rail 2 300x600 $145/cpm
In-Content 2 728x90 $145/cpm
Right-Rail 3 (anchored) 300x600 $145/cpm

Includes a top leaderboard (728×90) banner and a top half-page (300×600) and an anchored half-page (300x600) banner on the home page of the section. Also, sponsors will receive a linked logo and sponsorship recognition on the home page of the section.

The available Archive and Section sponsorships for 2020 are:
White Paper Postings $3,000/mo.
RIABiz Directory $2,500/mo.
People Moves $2,500/mo.
Breakaway Stories $950/mo.
Conferences $950/mo.
ETFs $950/mo.
410K $950/mo.
Hybrid RIA $950/mo.
RIA Compliance $950/mo.
RIA Custodians $950/mo.
Robo Advisor $950/mo.
TAMPs $950/mo.
Technology $950/mo.
Women In Wealth Management $950/mo.

Our daily email, RIABiz Today, is successfully received by 13,300 (100% opt-in) subscribers for each deployed edition. Sponsorships run the entire month within the same sponsored placement. There are only 3 available 728x90 leaderboard placements in RIABiz Today during each month of the sponsorship. On the average, there are 20 editions of RIABiz Today sent out each month.

Creative can be switched out at mid-month only.

Monthly Rate per each 728x90 leaderboard placement:  $7,000


For each deployment, our Dedicated emails are successfully received by over 11,000 subscribers on our DEDI list. 100% are opt-in to receive 3rd party emails via RIABiz.

  • No list segmentation is available.
  • Total cost: $3,500 per deployment.
  • Creative submission: HTML – file is due 5 days prior. All pixels/trackers must be embedded prior to sending HTML file to RIABiz.
  • If RIABiz has to implement any trackers/pixels, or make any creative changes to the submitted HTML file, then the extra cost is $100 per drop.
  • A/B splits are an additional cost of $400 per drop.
  • Use of a suppression list is an additional cost of $400.
  • RIABiz reserves the right for the final word on all creative.
  • RIABiz will accommodate any day of the week when deploying DEDIs.
  • Cancellation deadline is 5 business days prior to deployment date. Any cancellation occurring within 5 business days of deployment date will be charged the full rate of $3,500, plus any additionally-performed production charges.

Our native advertising program is a simple solution which allows marketers the opportunity to distribute their own content directly to the readership of RIABiz. We will create the banner (728x180) utilizing assets provided by the sponsor. The fixed banner will run on RIABiz and also in RIABiz Today for one month, giving the sponsor a 100% SOV throughout length of their schedule.

ROS placement of the Native ad banner will be:
  • Home page – placed after the 3rd article
  • Article page – embedded within article
RIABiz Today placement:
  • Will be placed in every sent edition of our daily email during the monthly campaign. 

RIABiz will produce all creative from sponsor-supplied assets. Before the start of the campaign, the final version of the banner must be approved by sponsor.

Cancellation deadline is 45 days prior to the deployment date on the 1st of the month. Any cancellations occurring within 45 business days of deployment date will be charged the program's full cost.

Native Ad Program Cost (one-month schedule): $13,000


Our webinar series presents marketers with a turnkey program to connect with the RIABiz audience. Sponsorships are available. A sponsorship of a RIABiz webinar includes lead generation, branding exposure, turnkey production, ROI event report, and post-event exposure. Please contact us for more details.

Webinar Sponsorship Cost: $17,500


This new section was launched in February 2020, and allows advertisers to promote their white papers to the RIABiz readership. The monthly program includes:

  • A link to client-hosted white paper, or a pdf of the white paper that can be hosted by RIABiz.
  • Logo, head shot, title and detailed description on the White Paper Postings home page.
  • Inclusion of white paper, logo, head shot and description in the weekly White Paper Digest sent out 4Xs per month to our 10,200 DEDI opt-in list.

Monthly cost: $3,000

Contact Us

For more information regarding our available advertising and marketing programs:
Frank Noto,,


Premium, expanded directory listings are available for $950 per year. Micro-site Premium listings include an expanded Q&A section, and the ability to attach your logo and photos of your team. They also get more exposure around the site. 

Micro-Site Premium Directory Benefits:
  • Links to ‘related articles’ about your firm
  • Works like a micro-site with expanded Q & A section
  • Photos of your executive team and your company logo
  • Exposure on right-side rail within the RIABiz Directory module that appears on each page of RIABiz – Rotating Premium listings
  • Exposure at bottom of our RIABiz Today E-newsletter – Rotating Premium listings
  • Ability to link your White Paper/Case Studies to your listing

Contact Us

For more RIABiz Directory information, either:

Dawn Kodin
John Kodin



We accept static or animated image banners, JavaScript banners, and HTML5.

We allow for looping, with a rotation limit of 3Xs and 10 seconds per loop.

RIABiz no longer accepts Javascript and banners with flash.

When using 3rd party tags, we recommend the use of HTML5.


GIF, PNG, or JPEG. The max file size is 40KB.

Third-Party Tags:

For ROS banners, we can accommodate JavaScript/HTML5 tags. The max file size is 40KB.

All assets for ROS banner schedules are due at least 5 days prior to the start of a campaign. Failure to provide correctly-format- ted, timely assets may affect the initial delivery of your campaign.


The technical specs remain the same for mobile and tablet devices.

We encourage you to consolidate branding, including colors, messaging, images, across ads of various sizes to ensure that the audience distinctly recognize your campaign regardless of what device is being used to access RIABiz.

All assets for ROS schedules are due at least 5 days prior to the start of the campaign.

Failure to provide correct, timely assets may affect the initial delivery of your campaign. Failure to provide mobile/tablet creative sizes may reduce delivery by as much as 40%. Users reading from mobile/tablet devices are an integral part of the overall RIABiz readership.


All ROS schedules will be delivered on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms, unless specified by an advertiser. We require two separate ad sizes for each ROS placement schedule. Below is the corresponding sizes requested for each:

Placement Desktop Size Tablet & Mobile
Header 728x90 300X250
Right-Rail 1 300x250 300x250
In-Content 1 300x250 300x250
Right-Rail 2 300x600 300x250
In-Content 2 728x90 300x250
Right-Rail 3 300x600 300x250

We accept GIF images - static or animated.

No flash allowed.

Max file size of 40K for all banners in our daily email.

Third party 1×1 tracking pixels for email banners can be accommodated. Please send with creative.

All assets are due at least 5 days prior to the 1st of every month.


For all three leaderboard placements in RIABiz: 728x90


Please submit final creative in an HTML format. All links/trackers/pixels must already be embedded in the HTML file before submission to RIABiz.

A test will be sent for final approval before deployment date.


Please send a logo on a transparent background in .png format.

The most accommodating logo size to send is 200x50, which does not need to include in-built padding. We will then downscale the image as needed.


For ROS website banners - all creative, or related tech questions, should be directed to:

For White Paper Postings, Native Banners, Dedicated Emails, and RIABiz Today banner placements - all creative and related tech questions should be directed to:

Contact Us:

For all general technical questions, please contact:
Terence Hong -  Head Site Engineer