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This section contains news and coverage about the dozens of conferences held in the advisory industry every year. Those conferences range from annual events put on by the big custodians to small hands-on workshops hosted by law firms, consultants and tech companies, among others. RIABiz can't cover all the conferences, but this page includes our stories about those we have written about.

We hope that getting a flavor of the different gatherings helps you decide which are worthwhile attending and — if you're in the conference business yourself — what clicks with attendees and what doesn't. Have a suggestion for a conference we should cover? Email me, Brooke Southall at brooke@riabiz.com.

Ainslie Simmonds: Success will be a feeling a few years from now among advisors that they wonder why they ever did it any other way.

BNY Mellon uses Pershing INSITE 2022 to let RIAs know it has its own dog in the fight with Pershing X, which BNY owns to sell to Pershing RIAs -- or anybody else

The $474-billion bank's relationship with Pershing just got far more complex as it puts its belief in ringer, Ainslie Simmonds -- who is being given a long rope to tie up loose ends.

Saturday, June 18, 2022 – 2:29 AM by Guest Columnist Timothy D. Welsh

Brooke's Note: One of the biggest selling points of Pershing as RIA custodian has always been the notion that its ownership by BNY Mellon was a big plus. All those resources and all that experience! Yet really BNY Mellon has stayed at a remove and ...

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David DeVoe: We’re in a state of distress.

The self-disciplined M&A crowd discussed pre-deal sausage-making, which left little room for managerial hot-dogging.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 – 8:29 PM by Rocco Aloe Contributing Writer

Brooke's Note: The age-old question for anyone who buys a service business is this: What exactly am I buying? Often, there's about as much tangible asset value as a crypto coin, depending on the aftermarket for office furniture and copy machines. The short answer to ...


Tom Giachetti: This is how you protect your brand.

The M&A event restarts after COVID-19 hiatus and stormy financial markets--where rates are up and AUM is down--don't deter attendees.

Monday, May 9, 2022 – 7:48 PM by Brian Ferrie Guest Columnist

The Gladstone M&A Conference triumphantly returned last week to Philadelphia’s historic Union League building, drawing more than 100 attendees to the storied, 150-year-old landmark.


Joel Bruckenstein says T3 did not ease out of its COVID cold storage. The 2022 event was the largest in its 16 years.

The RIA software guru got 1,000 people to Denton where data was the hot topic, and robo and crypto got short shrift.

Thursday, May 5, 2022 – 3:05 AM by Guest Columnist Timothy D. Welsh

Brooke's Note: It is always possible for technology to go obsolete. That's what makes it so exciting. In that vein, I propose that Joel Bruckenstein tweak his Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference and brand it "D3." I won't ask for a fee for my branding advice, ...


Dale Brown: Our primary goal is to ensure that Main Street America has access to affordable financial advice.

The 90-member lobby group for broker-dealers addressed its antiquated aspects--few digital adapters and small numbers of young people--with just 19% of its 30,000 advisors under the age of 45

Thursday, February 3, 2022 – 1:06 AM by Guest Columnist Timothy Welsh

A Washington, D.C., lobby and advocacy group for broker-dealers, caused jaws to drop at its B2B "home office" event in Dallas this week with a startling revelation-- it needs a youth and diversity movement pronto.


Brian Hamburger: This is unprecedented what CI Financial is doing, and we won’t know if this is logical for years to come.

Attendees made the trek to the Fontainebleau Hotel Resort amid health precautions to high-five flesh and do a very in-person reality check

Thursday, December 9, 2021 – 10:47 PM by Guest Columnist Timothy Welsh

After a two-year COVID hiatus, the MarketCounsel Summit rematerialized for the 13th time in Miami Beach, with the palpable buzz and excitement of finally gathering together at an in-person conference.


Matt Middleton: We took this as a multi-year journey. We wanted not to be beholden. We're not going to get steamrollered.

With Matt Middleton and other ex-Informa guys as masterminds and Josh Brown and Barry Ritholtz providing muscle, the confab's aspiration is to be the Envestnet of RIA events.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 – 2:24 PM by Brooke Southall

Brooke's Note: It's an open secret that RIA events succeed in spite of themselves. You put enough like-minded people in one place and magic happens -- even deprived of fresh air, fresh ideas, fresh faces and fresh content. The intangibles carry the day. Here, finally, ...


Eric Clarke: 'We felt it was important to have the conference, and yet at the same time offer those that want to connect digitally to do so.

Having doctors and nurses is the crowning touch to form the smallest bubble possible, making attendees accountable and sparing no expense to avoid COVID superspreading.

Friday, August 27, 2021 – 10:26 PM by Lisa Shidler

Brooke's Note: The demand for attending in-person RIA conferences is relatively high. Events claim to be at or near capacity. The supply of in-person national conferences is scarce as many organizers like Schwab simply punt on the whole idea and others cautiously cancel toward the 11th hour. ...


Manish Khatta: If you hold a conference and do not mandate vaccinations, then you are part of the problem.

Demand and attendance are mostly high; hosts cite advisors with under-12 children as mostly the reason for balking but say sponsors never flinched.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 – 11:27 PM by Lisa Shidler

The 2021 RIA event comeback tour may be over before it begins.


TD Ameritrade's LINC at the Grand Hyatt in San Diego is cancelled -- and maybe extinct.

With the Omaha and San Francisco -based firms merging Tuesday, TD cancels the event citing COVID and the fact that a virtual event is a poor substitute

Friday, October 2, 2020 – 6:24 PM by Lisa Shidler

Brooke's Note: Schwab Advisor Services was set to host an event in Boston for an invite list of 10,000 RIAs with $2.6 trillion of assets, counting TD Ameritrade's RIAs, who came aboard three weeks before showtime. It could thumb its nose at Fidelity Investments, whose ...


Chip Roame: Many Tiburon members believe that Tiburon can have a huge impact on improving industry success for both women and minorities.

Roame cancelled the Oct. 12-14 event late last week and will make another run at a live conference this coming April in  New York City.

Monday, September 28, 2020 – 8:27 PM by Lisa Shidler

Brooke's Note: When I used to attend the Tiburon CEO Summit (before it banned media), there were 75 attendees. Since then the prestigious event has grown to more like 150. Next Spring in New York City, it is targeting 300 attendees. I see that explosive growth ...


Larry Fink: Our job is to make [RIAs] better and we are not a threat to go direct to their clients.

The BlackRock CEO reverse spun the success of big rivals in retail advice : 'We don't go to the customer like some other asset managers do'.

Saturday, September 19, 2020 – 4:00 AM by Brooke Southall and Oisin Breen

Brooke's Note: BlackRock is a super giant and a big winner. Its shares keep rising, not to mention its $7.4 trillion of AUM. If you were to assign a weakness, you might point to how its fellow super-giants -- especially Vanguard Group -- are advancing in ...


John Swolfs: Event-focused organizations around the world are trying to hold their events in the most timely and effective manner that they are able. Inside ETFs and the rest of the financial event industry are all looking forward to having more flexibility after Covid has passed.

The InsideETFs event will compete with InvestWest for coveted late 2020 date, but without Josh Brown's stardust • SS&C's move follows Addepar advance and will include Advent products• The DoL sees net gains in RIAs of about 300 a year

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 – 2:23 AM by Oisin Breen

The COVID-19 pandemic, now spiking in 27 states, is still playing havoc with RIA events, causing popular gatherings like Wealth/Stack and InVest West to scramble for late 2020 dates to host ...


Schwab IMPACT 2020 won't happen in Boston and will morph to an online version of itself.

Set to be held in Fidelity's Boston backyard, IMPACT 2020 will move to the ether, making it one of the industry's premier virtual conferences in a sure sign the RIA world has dramatically changed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 – 6:41 PM by Lisa Shidler

Brooke's Note: On its face, the idea of taking an RIA conference online seems like a non-starter -- maybe even sacrilege. The business of 30,000 practices and tens-of-thousands of vendors gets enough isolated screen time, right? Maybe. The nice thing for Schwab is that they get ...


Megan Carpenter: 'The rules of the game have changed.'

Pershing INSITE is the latest biggie to cancel and firms are all over the map about when it'll be 'safe' for more than 10 people to gather at any one time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 – 5:58 AM by Lisa Shidler

Brooke's Note: One big drawback of the RIA business is its atomization -- with 30,000 firms sprawled across the United States. One antidote for isolated advisors is to attend conferences -- in attractive destinations or for a specialized theme. Every year, more events pop up ...