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SMArtX Advisory Solutions

Filed under: TAMP

SMArtX Advisory Solutions logo

Company info:

Evan Rapoport
Top executive: Evan Rapoport


105 South Narcissuss, Suite 701

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States,

RIA department info:

Alex Smith-Ryland

Contact: Alex Smith-Ryland




  • 36 FTEs

  • Founded in 2017


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

For successful advisors, RIAs, B/Ds, and asset management firms looking to streamline operations, SmartX Advisory Solutions is the TAMP platform of choice. Our proprietary, award-winning unified managed accounts technology is selected by top RIAs who use the SmartX TAMP to create their own curated investment platform and leverage turnkey access to hundreds of investment strategies under one umbrella. Custom-built into the SmartX technology framework is a robust suite of tools—real-time trading, rebalancer, tax harvester, exclusion tools, real-time and full sleeve-level performance reporting—designed for the modern advisor focused on revenue producing activities. The SmartX TAMP works seamlessly with Fidelity (IWS & NFS), Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Pershing (PAS & LLC), AXOS Clearing, APEX Clearing, and Interactive Brokers.

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

Technology is in our DNA and name. The SmartX TAMP platform was built from the ground up to manage middle and back office investment operations for best-in-breed RIAs and B/Ds. Key features of our award-winning TAMP includes trading and unparalleled access to long only strategies, direct indexing strategies, and alternative (long/short, market neutral, short only, covered calls, and options) strategies—all using a unified managed account (UMA) framework. Our trading is real-time which ensures trades are made when they are placed; not later that afternoon, next day or T+2. This greatly reduces performance dispersion and facilitates intra-day performance reporting at the account and sleeve level, providing a complete picture of the client account including individual manager performance and holdings. Another key distinction of SmartX is tax-efficiency. We maintain the book of record at the sleeve level, not just the account level, allowing for the tax harvester tool to buy/sell the relevant tax lots to realize the most beneficial after-tax returns for their clients.
What else would you like to say about your business?
In today’s economy, revenue-generating models are as critical to the success of the business as is the right technology supporting it. Most turnkey asset management technology relies on an older, pre-built system architecture that is layered to provide modern functionality. That makes it harder to customize and adapt to advances in financial technology. SmartX was built with for you, the modern investor in mind: it’s fluid, it’s flexible and fully functional to integrate using open APIs to third-party solutions. Black Diamond also comes bundled with SmartX and hence there is no additional cost for Black Diamond users when they utilize SmartX.