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Shareholders Service Group

Filed under: Asset Custodian

Company info:

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  • Founded in 2002


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

Shareholders Service Group offers brokerage and custodial services exclusively to independent RIAs. At SSG, advisors receive the best overall value. While others race to the bottom of rates, fees and their service standards, advisors doing business with SSG enjoy what we deliver best - trust, transparency and hurdle-free services so they can focus on what they do best...serving their clients.

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

SSG only serves independent RIAs. Therefore, we do not complete by offering financial advice to retail clients that RIAs serve. SSG also was the highest rated custodial platform in the 2020 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey. SSG offers the "Same Day Promise," whereas service requests received by Noon EST, are completed that same day.

What else would you like to say about your business?

SSG takes great pride in the service we provide to the advisors that work with us. When you call SSG, there's no hold time, no menus to go through, because we answer our phones with a trained service professional. The average tenure of the team at SSG is 19 plus years. And we've been management and employee owned since we founded the firm in 2002.

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