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Eric Clarke, CEO
Top executive: Eric Clarke, CEO

17605 Wright Street

Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 68130

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  • Founded in 1999


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

Orion is a tech powerhouse, designed to bring together leading-edge technology and wealth management. Through an all-in-one advisor platform, Orion powers success of growth-focused advisors. Orion’s technology, and suite of investment capabilities, can be tailored to the individual needs of every unique advisory model, providing the flexibility and choice to be adopted in its entirety or as components complementary to existing capabilities. Orion’s wealth management platform brings together technology, flexible investment options, and support in one seamless experience for advisors. We are intently focused on driving advisor growth and closing the investor behavior gap. From prospect to advocate, we empower our advisors with the integrated technology they need to engage, support, and deliver across each step of the client journey through our fiduciary process. The result: strength and loyalty within every advisor-client relationship. Combined, our technology and wealth management brand entities, Orion Advisor Technology, Orion Portfolio Solutions, BasisCode, Brinker Capital Investments and HiddenLevers create a complete offering that empowers firms to attract new clients seamlessly; connect investment goals more meaningfully to strategies and outcomes; and ultimately track progress toward each investor’s unique definition of financial success.

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

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