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Gregory FCA Communications

Filed under: Marketing & Public Relations, Blog/Social Networking Tool

Company info:

RIA department info:


  • 70 FTEs
  • Founded in 1990


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

Gregory FCA is a full-service public relations firm that ranks in the top 12 among financial industry focused PR firms, as rated by the leading PR industry publications. We work extensively with RIAs, asset management firms, ETF issuers, fund managers, industry service providers (technology, M&A, software) and other players in the financial arena. We provide media relations, content marketing campaign strategy, social media counsel, editorial and specialized business/product launch capabilities.

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

We focus on the integration of all facets of marketing communications ranging from the content that goes on your website and blogs to the messaging that impacts the media interviews your firm conducts. We have a tremendous track record of generating media coverage for our clients and understand how to leverage the content and exposure we generate for our clients back into their marketing and sales process.

What else would you like to say about your business?

Gregory FCA offers a full spectrum of public relations services, including media placement, content marketing and social media strategies, to clients throughout the United States. Each client works with a team of professionals focused on sharing their message with the national media. Our staff includes former journalists, financial advisors, expert media training professionals and seasoned communicators. Our agency provides specialized support in the areas of crisis communications, investor relations, investment product/strategy distribution support and conference/event related publicity.

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