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FocusPoint Solutions

Filed under: Outsourcer, Trading/Rebalancing, Performance Reporting

Company info:

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  • Founded in 2004


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

FocusPoint Solutions is an established leader in the back office outsourcing space, providing premium services and partnership to independent advisors at fair prices, helping them achieve real results and the businesses they’ve always wanted.

Advisors can plug into our fully turnkey, established solution—or choose only the individual services they need to customize their ideal service model. FocusPoint offers advisors an experienced service team, including a dedicated relationship manager/back office associate who functions as an extension of the advisor’s own staff, executing daily tasks and serving as a liaison between the advisor’s firm and custodian(s) of choice.

We offer you tools, education, and an experienced team, empowering you to freely envision your ideal business and lifestyle. FocusPoint is committed to strengthening and implementing our partners’ vision for success, while identifying and eliminating the root causes of their problems. We’re passionate about connecting the right people, technology and services to create better businesses and an improved quality of life for successful advisors. We have a strong reputation in the industry, committed to serving advisors with our honest, integrity, and dedication to real results.

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

■ FocusPoint handles your daily administrative activities (uploads, downloads, reconciliation), reporting, and billing; you can also outsource trade execution/rebalancing to us.

Would it make sense to outsource your mutual fund/ETF trading to an experienced firm—not just utilize a platform to do it yourself? Trading liability can be daunting; errors can add up. Consider outsourcing this to FocusPoint as an added layer of quality control—and increased peace of mind.

■ FocusPoint offers you a fully integrated suite of technology/virtual office.

Want to plug into an integrated suite of technology you don’t have to piece together, research, or maintain yourself? Enjoy access to integrated technology/infrastructure, and support from a knowledgeable service team who is transparent to your clients.

■ FocusPoint gives you one central point of contact. Your dedicated back office associate/team functions as your own staff, yet you don’t have to worry about hiring, training, or managing them. Once you delegate tasks, rest assured they will be completed with accuracy and timeliness.

Would you like more than one of your employees to have operational knowledge of your business? Firms who engage FocusPoint are able to ensure that no single employee has sole responsibility for a specific back office area.

What else would you like to say about your business?

FocusPoint Solutions offers all of the following services to advisors:

■ Daily administrative and account-related activities (uploads/downloads, reconciliation, etc.)
■ Trade execution and liability
■ Complete reporting and billing services
■ Full suite of integrated technology
■ Advisor communications and market intelligence
■ Basic compliance guidance
■ Transition support from one business model to another

For 10+ years, we’ve been supporting fee-only RIAs, hybrid advisors, and advisors seeking to break away. FocusPoint is dedicated to helping improve your business—and quality of life—providing you with tools, education, and an experienced team…empowering you to freely envision your ideal business and lifestyle.

We work with advisors to help them build better businesses by identifying, then solving, their business problems with expertise, technology, and integrity. Plus, by outsourcing many of their non-revenue-producing activities to us, advisors can commit more time and energy to building business.

Our solution was truly built for advisors, by advisors. Combine that with our long history in the industry, and our services stand out from the rest. We understand the issues you face because we’ve faced them ourselves—and we’ve designed our systems to address what you and your clients really need.

Contact us today to learn more.

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