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  • 20 FTEs
  • Founded in 2012


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

Meet FiComm

Founded in 2012, FiComm Partners (“FiComm”) is an integrated communications (PR, Creative, Digital Marketing) agency with a singular focus on financial services. FiComm’s origins lie in the independent financial advisory industry, and this will always remain at the core of who we are as a company because our approach is modeled on how the best advisory firms care for their clients. As FiComm has grown, and evolved as a business, we have proven time and again that we can work effectively with financial companies whose needs range from the very finite and focused to the multi-faceted and strategically complex. We apply the same discipline, uncompromising service standards and commitment to delivering impactful results to every client engagement we undertake.

FiComm has offices in New York City and Los Angeles. FiComm has earned a strong reputation for delivering real value to our clients, and as a best-in-class agency whose clients view us as an extension of their brands.

We strive to make a tangible, measurable difference in contributing to the growth and success of our financial client partners, because ultimately, their clients are our friends, our families, and the public at large. We elevate the visibility of the best financial services firms in the business, in a thoughtful and strategic way. We help our partners to develop their messages carefully and by way of clear, actionable plans, to deploy them consistently, using every communications tool available. We provide “credibility marketing” for RIAs, and to RIAs. Our services include PR counsel, media coverage and communications support. Our clients are leaders in the RIA industry including independent advisors, registered investment advisory firms and companies servicing this market.

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

The FiComm Difference

1. Experienced, industry veterans.

FiComm knows the independent financial community, its eco-system and all of its moving parts and citizens, better than any agency. From the founders to our newest teammates, FiCommers take pride in being members of the community, not just service providers to it. We have been in-house at flagship financial firms. Our executives are published in industry publications and are on stage speaking in various capacities at a wide range of industry events. We’ve built a reputation with the industry media as a friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable resource and have strong relationships with every outlet as a result.

2. Highly accountable, fully transparent.

FiComm adheres to a simple concept when it comes to client service: do what you say you are going to do. When clients sign with us, they know exactly what they are going to get, and we deliver, precisely, those things. If we can’t deliver on an agreed scope of work, we won’t take a client’s money – but more likely we wouldn’t have taken the work on to begin with. We have delivered monthly and quarterly reporting to retained clients since the inception of the firm, even if our only resource was an excel spreadsheet. Since then, we’ve evolved. Using a CRM to track activity on the PR side and Teamwork and HubSpot to track projects on the Marketing side, FiComm uses technology to deliver upon our belief that we must show clients our work, consistently and on-demand so that word ‘partnership’ transcends diction and becomes an actual state of being. We’ve rolled out a prototype communications dashboard in beta and offer clients a view into exactly what their team is working on, and has accomplished historically, whenever they want to review.

3. Our passion is reflected in our people.

At FiComm we are fully invested in our clients’ success and must be able to transfer your emotion to the personas you are trying to reach, whether it’s a journalist you are meeting for the first time, or a client showing your website to a friend in hopes of providing a referral. FiComm’s team are a collection of experts in their field who do exceptional work and work exceptionally hard. But this is not what separates us – rather it is our genuine care for each other as teammates, as human beings, as friends, that creates an environment in which we can thrive and support each other when we are at our best and pick each other up when we stumble and occasionally fall. The FiComm Culture Code is an internal guidepost we use to remind ourselves of how we want to operate – with our teammates, our clients, the media and all of our industry friends and partners. In over 5 years of operation, while FiComm has changed, our steadfast commitment to a consistent culture has not – and never will.

What else would you like to say about your business?

The Financial Communications Revolution Is Here

Financial services is on the clock. Consumer expectations are shifting, rapidly. Commercial giants like Amazon, Apple, Google and more, have been changing the way consumers buy, invest, expect to interact and transact with, brands.

No longer can the independent financial firm sit back and wait, contemplating when its time to take decisive action. As an industry financial services needs to meet and exceed these changing client expectations or risk, at best, irrelevance – at worst, extinction.

Building a digital infrastructure to connect more effectively with clients is one thing. Getting the word out effectively and building a brand that attracts and retains clients for life, is another entirely. FiComm stands ready to help financial firms compete and win in the new digital era. We help our clients to map their communications strategy out from A to Z and execute with precision and impact. Powered by FiComm, brands can capture clients’ attention, and instill pride both outside and within an organization. Client loyalty, perhaps on the wane, will gain renewed strength. New prospects will be drawn in. Growth will accelerate.

The financial communications revolution has already begun. The question is not if you will participate, but when?

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