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AppCrown, LLC

Filed under: Outsourcer, CRM Software, Tech: Other

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  • 25 FTEs


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

AppCrown is the market leader for delivering comprehensive wealth management solutions by integrating critical back office systems and 3rd party software into a global CRM platform,

Financial advisors often have a portfolio accounting system, a financial planning system, a custodian relationship (or many custodian relationships), and a CRM.

More often, these systems are not integrated and the hurdles of an advisory firm is scale and how to manage the quality of service despite growth in the number of households being serviced at any given time.

These issues are real and a roadblock for an RIA seeking to evolve into a institution. AppCrown placates this specific hurdle by integrating operations, middle office workflows, back office custodians into a CRM platform,

Within, the advisers will have access to interactive decision making tools and advisory focused dashboards that target client service activities, holding client meetings, setting follow up dates, and having the system alert the advisor of the next family to follow through with.

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

AppCrown is the pure play for integration technology. We started this business in 2006, well before Schwab Open View or the idea of Salesforce for RIAs. The industry caught up and here we are today, still the pure plays but substantially larger.

AppCrown now integrates to over 12+ major vendors, ability to integrate multi-custodian feeds, and deliver decision making tools that drives the independent advisors business

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