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  • 150 FTEs
  • Annual revenue of $ 55,000,000
  • Founded in 1993


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

Since the early '90s, Allworth Financial has provided straightforward, unbiased investment advice and an education-first approach to retirement planning. This model has seen us grow from a single desk in Sacramento, to an award-winning company with over 150 employees, $4.5 Billion in Assets Under Management, and multiple offices in Sacramento, San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Denver. Now, we’re going to do even more. Empowered by a belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to receive financial advice that is in their best interest, we’re seeking like-minded, established individuals and firms to join us as we expand our client-first model from coast-to-coast. If you’re looking for the opportunity to partner with a company that truly places clients at the heart of its business, contact our head of business development Scott Lamb at We’d love to talk to you about the future.

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

We prioritize consumer education as both a way to help existing clients and to attract new people to the firm. Our no-sales approach has not only allowed us to establish a brand that consumers trust, it’s enabled us to enjoy enviable retention rates while simultaneously generating a steady flow of referrals from existing clients. Our internal processes and systems are designed so that advisors spend their time communicating with and planning for clients, and not marketing. We’re offering selected individuals and firms the potential to be a part of the coast-to-coast expansion of a fiduciary financial planning and investment management RIA with a client-centric approach to advising.

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