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After four-year turnaround effort, Angela Pecoraro finally sells Advicent to rollup ravenous InvestCloud to complete 'writing-on-the-wall' deal

Hired to execute a revamp of old-line NaviPlan and keep the Milwaukee firm's 140,000-advisor installed base, the Advicent CEO played to the LA-based platform's mandatory acquisition of financial planning software to add to its $4 trillion of AUA.

Author Oisin Breen May 5, 2021 at 7:22 PM
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Angela Pecoraro: The applications that we’ll be putting out next year will be all API-based and all very capable to be turned on as an ‘off-the-shelf’ application.

Jeff Spears

Jeff Spears

May 5, 2021 — 10:27 PM
This feels like a shell game. Planning is the new hot dot. Wonder if we can encourage good advisors to look at the new “integrated” solution.
Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith

May 6, 2021 — 7:24 PM
Couple things, the problem with quoting T3 statistics is that it is a very small niche of individuals (e.g., RIAs) who are active in Joel Bruckenstein's universe. Plus, a lot of T3 is pay to play. I'm not saying they're doing unethical things, I'm just saying certain products are influenced more than others if you're a Platinum sponsor of their events. Bill Winterberg exposed that a few years ago, but considering the source take that for what it's worth (i.e., pot calling the kettle black). Those survey don't represent the 790K US based Advisors, it's more along the lines of under 1,000. Next, I'm wondering when the next wave happens and these PE firms start gobbling up CRMs. It only makes sense. Skience hitched it's wagon to Salesforce, so they're not going anywhere. Wealthbox has a habit of pissing off everyone with their narratives. Ebix's SmartOffice, once the power house going back to the EZ Data days, is being pissed away by CEO, Robin Raina. And Redtail, they have all the market share, but so does McDonalds, when it comes to fast food; you know what you get when you eat there, it's not good, but it keeps you from being hungry. I think the market is starting to shift towards insurance and annuities again, especially in the RIA space, therefore it might be a good buy for someone to pry away SmartOffice from Ebix's portfolio. Or, maybe over pay handsomely for Redtail.

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