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CI Financial tops its 2020 MVP year with a grand slam $23 billion AUM January deal but its CEO hints that 2021 is just getting going

Kurt MacAlpine says his $261-billion of AUM throws off big cash flow and a growing list of word-of-mouth buyers and a model where managers stay in place assures that his Canadian firm need not sit long on the bench

Author Brooke Southall January 26, 2021 at 10:53 PM
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Kurt MacAlpine: 'You may see us go a little bit faster.'

Kurt MacSkeptic

Kurt MacSkeptic

January 30, 2021 — 2:41 PM
DeVoe is correct - low cost capital, an aggressive team, and most importantly the siren song of “no integration required” = acquisition force. Don’t think Kurt will be there in five years to deal with the mess but regardless this will either end with them pumping products through the advisors and/or forcing more integration and/or cashing their stake to someone who will do parts one or two. He is gathering assets by postponing the real discussion about what you do with them. I don’t blame the RIA founders selling out for the big check with no immediate strings attached and are glad a lot of good guys are getting rewarded big time for their entrepreneurial hard work. I just hope their next generation realizes where this will head someday.

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