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The Schwab-TD Ameritrade merger creates one big identity crisis; Is it still a self-proclaimed 'challenger,' per Walt, or 'unbelievable fortress,' per Chuck?

CEO Walt Bettinger calls his company a 'challenger' six times in quick succession; but Chairman Chuck Schwab insists his firm now has no equal

Author Brooke Southall October 8, 2020 at 3:40 AM
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Walt Bettinger (left): 'Being a challenger defines who Schwab is as a company.'

Jeryl Sachs

Jeryl Sachs

October 10, 2020 — 6:42 AM
I have been and still am a Schwab investor until about 3 minutes ago when I confirmed something I had heard but hoped wasn’t true. Schwab has given Trumps campaign a huge amount of money. Trump is a racist, a misogynist, a liar and has through his “activities” caused dozens of deaths from COVID19 because he didn’t act fast enough. To make matters worse he now is spreading COVID19 by resuming rallies and walking around without a mask. I don’t trust him... I’m not sure if he ever had COVID19 and if he does he’s walking around spreading it ( which is bad for our economy lee alone that his actions will cause more cases and more cases means mire deaths and the inability to reopen so that small businesses and people can get back to work. Schwab obviously has no interest or regard for “ the individuals” he clams he cares about (those of us who invest) regardless of the merger with TD Ameritade. My portfolio is in the hands of my financial advisor who uses Schwab for his Industrial Accounts (which I am one of) so I’m not , at this point going to “rock that boat” but I was planning on opening a new TD Ameritrade account which I will no longer do since I have read about the money Charles Schwab “...throws to Trump...” ( those were words of just read while reading about the merger). Why would anyone in their right mind support a man who is tearing this country, and the people who live in it apart. I would have to assume that Charles Schwab is obviously also a racist and apparently endorses a president who is mandating that young women and children in cages (who he put there into forced hysterectomies. Has anyone thought about that. Trump wants to be a Dictator, hasn’t paid taxes ( which I still owe to the tune of 30K (and more at one time) but he gets away without paying any. I guess Charles Schwab only cares about the stick market (but I also care since I’m heavily invested) but not enough to allow an unethical, terrible businessman (most of his projects/hotels etc have gone belly up) who cares nothing for the individuals in n this country and backs Skinheads and Neo Natzies who have threatened government officials, and backs these hate mongers (who are not unlike Hitler... as is Trump) and puts his money behind such a ruthless, unethical, immoral, dangerous man. ( SHAME ON YOU!!!) So, I will NOT be opening an account with TD Ameritrade (unless they run autonomously ) and I will have to change my financial advisor if he wants to conduct business with Schwab. It’s really to bad because for years I had my money with Schwab and thought their website easy to navigate and there was always a person available to talk to if I so needed. The sad part is that I’m sure not everyone who works at Schwab is a supporter of Trump but these individuals will lose business as a result of this. Probably not enough to make a dent in this huge conglomerate but maybe it will give them, and others who are employees of Schwab and individuals n Social Media something to think about. At least I hope so. Jeryl Sachs ( a former Schwab client)

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