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Wall Street women pile into buses and cars, head south on I-95 to protest Trump

Pack up that Nasty Woman T-shirt for a pre-dawn trip and client blowback be damned

Author Janice Kirkel January 21, 2017 at 2:06 AM
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When asked if Lebenthal had ever done something like this before, the response was 'Never!'

Women of Wealth Management

Media ethics

Media ethics

January 23, 2017 — 1:07 AM
Ms. Kirkel, to permit the source of your story to state the following with no attribution, no citation, no research, nothing whatsoever, is breathlessly shameful failure of reporting. ..."Within 24 hours of the election there were already stories about Muslim women having their hijabs (Muslim headcoverings) pulled off, signs saying ‘Make America White Again,’ just 12 hours later there were already hate acts going on. That spurred me as much as anything.” As much as the political left and media has wished it to be so, these reports have all proven false. Basic research will bear that out. Between hoaxes, fake reports, dropped or no charges - the media has found scant, if any, of what they so wish to be true. But at least they perform a cursory look. Your acceptance of Ms. Lebenthal's outrageous claims with not a single word of journalistic doubt, confirmation, or denial, is telling in itself. It is precisely why a tidal wave of media and cultural elite abandonment by the public overwhelmed one party to the benefit of the other.

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