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Review: Nevin Freeman pops the Addepar hood to see what $50 million of coding can do for RIA software

Other than a couple of willful eccentricities, the Mountain View-based start-up's engineers earn a 'well done' from our technology maven

Author Nevin Freeman April 29, 2015 at 4:30 PM
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Nevin Freeman: The killer feature of the new version of Addepar is the report generation. It’s unbelievably simple to use for what it produces.


Pete Giza

Pete Giza

April 30, 2015 — 8:08 PM


Thanks for the review. Addepar 2.0 looks cleaner, simpler. I believe that less is more with interface design. Economy of motion is also big element in successful human appeal. It is a real accomplishment to retain the goal of simplicity of presentation when you hand the wheel over to another driver. As we know “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” and the power of WYSIWYG reporting tools are a very sharp two-edged sword.

One the one hand it allows the user to build, within limits, whatever their whimsy. However it takes discipline to keep yourself from respinning the same report 20 times thereby ending up with 20 different versions of the same presentation. Multiply this by N clients, with X accounts, bonds, privates assets, etc., and you have a formula for tremendous complexity rather than the advertised simplicity.

An simplicity can become an issue with a user that is very happy hugging Excel and want to test, twist and analyze what the system they are using is supposed to do for them in the first place. Old habits die hard but Addepar is doing a great job of educating the market that there are a lot of great technology advancements in play in this market. I for one applaud that effort since, selfishly said, it benefits me.



Pete Giza | VP Bus Dev | WealthSite Inc | www.wealthsite.com

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