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What cheap lessons Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are teaching RIAs about the dangers of trying to institutionalize their practices

As the financial advice business goes robo, goes 'branded' and goes virtual -- with backing of 'smart' money and 'professional' managers -- the risk of backlash is real

Author Guest Columnist Abby Salameh October 20, 2015 at 10:01 PM
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Abby Salameh: When we hunger for realness, how can a technology solution deliver the touchy-feely sentiments that a human can?

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John Steward

John Steward

October 21, 2015 — 11:35 AM

I believe Robo-Adviser is a supporting software for regular basis problem if not intricate ones as meant for financial Advisor. Probably an Advisor can implement the Robo-adviser for their specific task which might be simple but time taking.
Its left to people to think whether they are going to compare both or simply think of Robo-Adviser as a tool that most financial advisor can use. More or less it can be compared with the Google’s self driven car vs human driven cars, and we know both of them have their own set of limitations in certain areas; so best thing is to get advantages of both the world.
Learn more about Robo-Avisers from http://blog.nexright.com/api-management-finance/robo-advice/

Derek Bruton

Derek Bruton

October 22, 2015 — 4:09 PM

Well done, Abby. If an advisor can check each box in your Authenticity Checklist, then they’ve likely developed this little old thing called “Trust” with their clients. And, as we’ve learned in this industry, earning one’s trust is the ultimate catalyst for winning new client relationships, and it is the glue that keeps those relationships together.

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