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Chuck Schwab and Walter Bettinger issue call to squash flash traders but RIAs question hysteria over the issue

Calling robo-traders a 'cancer', the Schwab execs lash out while Norm Boone and other advisors question whether this is a battle to pick

Author Brooke Southall April 3, 2014 at 10:56 PM
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Walter Bettinger and Charles Schwab: It is time to treat the cancer aggressively.

Walt Bettinger


Tim Welsh


Norm Boone


Bob Goldman

Stephen Winks

Stephen Winks

April 4, 2014 — 7:25 PM

Certainly the integrity of capital markets is sacrosanct. Wouldn’t it be great that the same sense of indignation would be exhibited when it comes to institutionalized inefficiencies in rendering individualized advice that streamline cost and greatly elevate the role and counsel of the advisor.


Frederick Van Den Abbeel / TradePMR

Frederick Van Den Abbeel / TradePMR

April 9, 2014 — 11:32 PM

Interesting perspective on this concern in regard to High Frequency Trading; an article posted today by Ms. Kathryn Schwartz also raises another issue pertaining to payment for order flow. http://pawleysblog.com/2014/04/09/investors-should-worry-more-about-payment-for-order-flow-than-hft/

Also raises I believe a similar concern from an earlier RIA biz article posted back in November 18, 2013 titled: “RIA custodians charge steep new ETF-related fees that can range into the tens of thousands of dollars for big trades and advisors are working to deal with them” http://www.riabiz.com/a/65752003/ria-custodians-charge-steep-new-etf-related-fees-that-can-range-into-the-tens-of-thousands-of-dollars-for-big-trades-and-advisors-are-working-to-deal-them

RIABiz, has Schwab announced similar concerns in regard to the order flow issue that Ms. Schwartz mentions? Seems there are several factors at play here.



June 26, 2014 — 2:44 AM

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June 26, 2014 — 4:14 AM

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