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Tony Robbins prohibits reporters from covering his two-hour MarketCounsel speech

His PR firm says that no-coverage rules are part of his standard contract but the 11th hour heads-up today to journalists on legal points raises confusion

Author Brooke Southall December 5, 2014 at 2:43 AM
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Tony Robbins will mostly give his generic speech to RIAs.


Jason Lahita

Jason Lahita

December 5, 2014 — 4:09 AM

“Robbins has had problems with reporters taking what he says out of context and that when he speaks he doesn’t want to worry about every word he says.” ?

Well, first #MSUM14 lesson learned from Tony Robbins? It is neither ok, nor pleasant, to be taken out of context. Case in point? This article.

As MarketCounsel has worked tirelessly to create the most media-friendly event in the industry, we are now reminded what can happen when one small portion of a broader message gets called out on an island.

I’m typically in alignment with RIABiz on its reporting, but I take some exception to this piece.

To some, it might appear that MarketCounsel, or Tony Robbins, is somehow prohibiting journalists from doing their jobs. Yet the request not to report on the details of a private presentation to registered attendees is in fact quite common, and was framed by an entire e-mail outlining how accessible the conference would be to the press.

I should know, I wrote it. The MarketCounsel Summit gives journalists more access to the media than any other I am aware of and MarketCounsel goes out of its way to see to it that reporters are not just invited, but fully supported throughout.

RIABiz will have four representatives there.

It is absurd, given the volume of press interaction Tony Robbins has engaged in over the last three weeks, that he would be portrayed as stand-offish with the media. The same letter that detailed the media restrictions around coverage of his presentation, also explicitly encourages journalists to request interviews with the man.

Lastly, the press is actually allowed to attend Tony’s talk, just as ordinary attendees as it is a private session and a special part of the event. This is a reasonable ask – some conferences literally escort reporters out of the room when certain presentations begin.

This article disappoints me in that it is depicting a guy who is clearly capable of acting as a champion for RIAs with the consumer as less than inclusive in his efforts to connect with the RIA space. His presence at the MarketCounsel Summit, and all of his recent actions, indicate otherwise.

Michael Kitces

Michael Kitces

December 5, 2014 — 3:21 PM

I can respect Brian’s decision to put his conference attendees first for the sake of maximizing attendee value at the conference.

But the new self-professed “champion of RIAs” doesn’t want the 99%+ of RIAs in the country not physically at MarketCounsel to know what he says?? Seriously?

Brooke’s criticism of this decision to take Tony’s keynote speech off the record looks like dead-on criticism to me. – Michael



December 5, 2014 — 6:36 PM

I wrote an op-ed piece titled “Tony Robbins, an insurance salesman, not a fiduciary” that was rejected by a couple of publications. How can Robbins claim ajay (Robbins’ usage in the book) Kumar Gupta (CA #: 0D20087) is a fiduciary when he has a CA Ins Lic and appointments with several commissioned insurance carriers? How about his son Joshua Jenkins-Robbins CA #0D20087 who has appointments with most of the larger Fixed Index Annuity carriers? You do know Jenkins-Robbins joined Stronghold Financial, Gupta’s new RIA firm, in October? Why hasn’t any mainstream journalist figured out Robbins’s book refers readers to websites and businesses that either he or his son has ownership in, that the book is just a big sales scam? The part of the book on fixed annuities has both factual mistakes and the same insurance marketing that Fixed Index Annuities have no fees; as for sales commissions, that is not mentioned. Read the book and make up your own mind. I give up. Please correct me if I am wrong and I certainly hope someone of merit would question Robbins’ insurance business ties as he pushes this Fiduciary Standard which it seems only applies to investments.

Nigel Taylor

Nigel Taylor

December 5, 2014 — 10:32 PM

Joshua Jenkins-Robbins CA License# is: 0D31719.

Then, of course, there are the hundreds of “fiduciary” investment advisers who call themselves fee-only and sell insurance advice for a fee without any kind of insurance license… a crime in California!

Ron Carson

Ron Carson

December 6, 2014 — 1:43 PM

You have got to be kidding me!! Our profession desperately needs more transparency, NOT less! Tony, what could you possibly say that you wouldn’t want the rest of the world to hear?? I have personally given close to a thousand talks as a paid speaker in my 30+ years and have never not invited the world to hear what my opinions are. Please reconsider.

Michael Farris

Michael Farris

December 6, 2014 — 10:44 PM

From my historical following of Tony Robbins … Tony Robbins is all about what’s good for Tony Robbins.
He’s a SALES guy, Pure, Plain & Simple.
I agree with Ron Carson in this instance.

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