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An attorney explains where the 'trail goes cold' in PBS' 'Retirement Gamble'

Just where the line is between a legal and illegal 401(k) plan is important to know

Author Guest Columnist Brendan Little May 21, 2013 at 5:52 PM
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Brendan Little: Litigation serves as an important deterrent by identifying and penalizing those service providers that are responsible for the egregious fees.

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Larry Elford

Larry Elford

May 21, 2013 — 11:22 PM
The title misrepresentation (salesman-advisor-broker?) game along with the less than suitable or appropriate investment choices that result when a salesperson passes themselves off as an investment professional approaches fraud. Clients should know that they can and should be taking steps to get their money back from such intentional deceit of the consumer…...many clients are doing exactly this, but it is a closely guarded secret within the investment community: http://youtu.be/KH6XMXlfdBw

I am a recovering ex-broker (in Canada) who has pointed my life in the direction of helping those who need help, and not preying upon them as a professional. I saw much too much of that while I was in the industry.

Cheers and best

Larry Elford
Alberta Canada



May 28, 2013 — 3:44 PM

I have never seen such a slanted documentary on the retirement industry. It’s no surprise it came from PBS where objectivity was lacking, at least on this particular subject (Wall Street). You get what you pay for, and that is no different when investing in a mutual fund, within a 401k plan. The culture of socialism seems to be permeating throughout Wall Street similar to what we are seeing in the medical field. If i want to pay 1% more in fees to a money manager who will return 3-4% more annualized over benchmark with less risk, I should have that option. Instead, we are told to pay less and expect more. The problem with the retirement industry has nothing to do with fees (for which the medical industry seems to face as well), rather it is the idea all services by anyone can and will be performed in similar fashion.

Let’s talk about revenue sharing, i.e. PAY-to-PLAY. The mutual fund industry is fraught with back door payment systems whereby the largest asset managers (top 5 or so) dominate the industry, and not because of performance.

This documentary was nothing more than an advertisement with an agenda….



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