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Nine pitfalls for advisors to avoid when taking on new employees

Pulling the trigger on a hire is difficult, but can become easier with the right protocols

Friday, March 9, 2012 – 4:53 AM by Guest Columnist Abby Salameh
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Abby Salameh: An advisor we worked with hired a "marketing person" who then proceeded to outsource all of the marketing creation.

Maria Marsala

Maria Marsala

March 19, 2012 — 8:31 AM

For sure this is an excellent problem for an independent company to have. Abby, I so agree with you on the importance of making sure that you look at your technology — or lack thereof; prior to hiring a new employee. However, employers may also want to make sure that technology does not imped the customer service process that is afforded your clients. Often clients will end up taking a step back-wards by automating “too much”.

Defining the position includes very useful advice. I’d add to create a vision and goals for the position, in addition to the “usual” format for a job description. I often ask clients if they have a list of questions they’ll ask those they are interviewing. They have nothing written, and taking the time to do that allows you to really see how each person answers those questions. Include a few behavioral questions in the mix, too.

Cut your losses fast. If you’ve made a mistake, don’t wait too long to rectify the situation. Too often employees wait to fix or fire someone who isn’t a good match for the company or it’s culture. Before you hire, talk to your Employement Lawyer and work out a firm “firing process”.

Great read. I’ll be passing this article along to some of my clients, for sure!

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