Ruth Papazian made her mark in four years

May 27, 2011 — 2:37 PM UTC by Brooke Southall


Ruth Papazian left her position of executive vice president and chief marketing officer for LPL Financial last Friday (May 20).

The company let her fellow executives know of her departure on Monday, which was related to family issues according to people familiar with the situation.

“As a matter of policy, we do not comment on former employees,” said Michael Herley, a spokesman for LPL.

But a human resources executive, not with LPL, who knows Papazian said: “She did a phenomenal job at LPL; she was a real powerhouse.”

Papazian’s legacy was to take what LPL did well on a hit-or-miss basis and make it scalable to 12,000 advisors. She did so by bringing metrics and return-on-investment calculations to bear on the process, according to the HR executive.

Papazian also aided LPL’s efforts to grow by streamlining the recruiting process and by creating the marketing means necessary to help advisors achieve organic growth.

She is about 53 years old based on press reports that listed her at 45 in 2003.

Papazian was one of the executives LPL brought aboard in 2007 to prepare itself for a final push toward the initial public offering that was successfully executed last year. See: 10 reasons why LPL Financial could pull off a hot IPO in a cold market

Her previous job was with American Express where she helped the company market their RiverSource funds.

Before that, starting in 2003, she headed the global marketing effort for Morgan Stanley.

The rest of Papazian’s resume is no less impressive. She was president and chief marketing officer for Evergreen Investments and director of marketing for Wells Fargo in San Francisco. She has also had stints with Fidelity Investments and Colonial Mutual Funds.

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