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A sweeping RIA study and big RIA technology are in our spotlights

Monday, August 30, 2010 – 4:24 AM by Brooke Southall
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Look for RIABiz coverage of a major study on the industry Wednesday. Also to come: an in-depth look at a big custodian's technology investment.

Update for Wednesday Sept. 1 @ 10 a.m. PT: I am working hard on an article for tomorrow that looks at Schwab’s acquisition of Windward Investments. I have thoughts contributed from Schwab’s CEO, M&A experts, RIAs, Wall Street analysts and the company’s principal itself. This is a very interesting, high-octane little transaction.

Brooke’s Note: Generally, we publish two articles or more each day. Friday was an exception and so is today. On each day, we ran one article. Our thinking is to spend a little more time getting a couple of larger stories completed that will run in the next two days to kick off September. We were given exclusive access to a recently published study on RIAs with sweeping findings and a somewhat startling conclusion that the breakaway trend is largely a thing of the past. I’m taking an extra day to sift through the whole study and publish as much of its data and of the author’s reasoning as possible. Whether you agree with it or not, I’m guessing that you’ll find it good reading. It should be ready to publish on Wednesday.

I’m also doing extra reporting on the progress of one custodian that’s making an investment of tens of millions of dollars in technology. The progress it has made and the challenges it faces are both interesting and instructive. The article has taken a little extra time to complete because I wanted to do deeper interviews with participating RIAs and with technology vendors and consultants. It should appear on Tuesday.

Our pipeline got a little drained as we attended to our one year anniversary. See: Notes from the RIABiz one-year anniversary party. Most, if not all, days of September will feature two stories or more as we continue to follow news in the industry and the regulatory reform that could reshape the RIA world. We’re also gearing up for to cover the industry’s major fall conferences.

In fact, the rate that people in the RIA business are reaching out to tell us their stories for this fall suggests we need to publish at least two stories a day to keep up. We’ve been finding good articles to write all summer but that back-to-school energy is already starting to kick in and we expect the next three months to sizzle.

Final Note: We would never have run single articles Friday and today were we not so pleased with the writing of Fred St. Laurent and Craig Morningstar. See Friday’s: How financial advisors should manage the record deluge of recruiter phone calls and today’s: Contrasting two breakaways: one a success story, one a cautionary tale

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