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Notes from the RIABiz one-year anniversary party

The spirit of the RIA Business was strong at this backyard event

Author Brooke Southall August 23, 2010 at 7:13 AM
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The RIABiz partners are very rarely in the same place at the same time; in fact, this is our first real team photo!

Brian Hamburger

Jeff Spears

Jeff Spears

August 23, 2010 — 1:09 PM

Great party! Everyone I talked to shared the opinion that RIABiz is a must read and perfect way to start your day.

See you next year.

Nevin Freeman

Nevin Freeman

August 24, 2010 — 9:39 PM

At last! After Brian solved the above mentioned puzzle I couldn’t rest until it was done. Brooke wanted me to get back to work, so he told me this anecdote that helped me do it:


If you put a fly in a coke bottle with no lid, it will buzz around forever until it finally pops out the mouth at the top. But if you put a bee in the same bottle, it will make the observation that it should be able to go straight ahead [though the clear plastic], and will fly directly forward, never finding the hole at the top.


He said that a business needs people that take each of these approaches to balance each other out. I had been taking the bee approach all of these days; a little fly action had the ring off in a matter of minutes.

<img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4893562/RIABiz/puzzle.png"/>

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