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How Time magazine's "Sheriff" article about Mary Schapiro, Sheila Blair and Elizabeth Warren misses the mark

Applying the busting-through-the-glass-ceiling narrative to women presumes that they haven't already

Author Elizabeth MacBride May 26, 2010 at 7:18 AM
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Articles in the mainstream media have framed Mary Schapiro as an outsider set to clean up the Street.

Women of Wealth Management

Sondra Harris Public Relations

Sondra Harris Public Relations

May 26, 2010 — 3:30 PM

Taking Elizabeth’s point one step further, increasing numbers of female financial advisors have virtually crashed that glass ceiling. They are flourishing alongside their male counterparts and making vast contributions to the RIA and investment management industries.

Andy Martin

Andy Martin

February 9, 2017 — 9:31 PM
Hilarious that when Warren gasps: "attempt to rip billions of dollars of retirement savings from the pockets of hardworking Americans and put straight into the hands of giant financial institutions" that the supporters she lauds: Betterment, XY Planning and Personal Capital, will be the new beneficiaries of those $billions. What a bunch of rubes.

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