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Bill Winterberg outlines the potential benefits and shortcomings of the Apple iPad for advisors

Most software companies and publications serving the market have yet to develop apps

Author Bill Winterberg, Guest Columnist April 8, 2010 at 6:48 AM
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The Apple iPad: a fancy toy, or an efficiency game-changer?


Nevin Freeman

Nevin Freeman

April 8, 2010 — 7:09 AM

Thanks Bill for this comprehensive review!

A note from the RIABiz Webmaster’s perspective:

When we first launched RIABiz I considered taking the time to make an iPhone app dedicated to delivering our content. I ended up skipping it, assuming not many would use it. Over the past 30 days, 3.2% of our visits have been on mobile devices; over half of those were iPhones.

I’m having the same dilemma now with the iPad. Readers can navigate to RIABiz in their iPad Web browser just as easily as on their laptop or iPhone, and the size shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Yet consumers seem very excited about dedicated apps for consuming content, like the ones Bill mentioned in this review.

Another possible solution is to offer a PDF digest of our content, which I’m also considering. Mobile users: you can share your ideas with me here, or email me directly at <a href="mailto:nevin@riabiz.com">nevin@riabiz.com</a>.



May 1, 2010 — 5:18 AM

I think no one is going to use an iPad at the office. But just as people check personal email at work, they could also bring the office home on their iPad. Although primarily designed for household use, there are some key business functionality that can be accomplished with it. For example a sales rep or a marketing manager could mix pleasure with work on the weekends by switching between watching a movie and checking the latest metrics on her online CRM instance. Our company (Intelestream) strongly believes in mixing work with fun and fun with work. That’s why we have made our online CRM, intelecrm fully compatible with the device. Best!

Bill Winterberg

Bill Winterberg

January 5, 2011 — 8:39 PM

A few weeks ago I dropped my iPad while holding the door open for someone. The screen cracked in two places.

I ended up going to Dr. Cell Phone in Dallas (since they’re a short drive from my office) and they replaced it with a new screen. It’s back to normal and I’m pleased with their service.

I’m posting this in case someone else needs a resource to get a cracked iPad screen replaced.

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