Photographs of United Capital partners and executives at the Haas School of Business event

February 26, 2010 — 7:04 AM UTC by Brooke Southall


I arrived at Berkeley yesterday in time to catch a lecture by Haas School of Business professor Jenny Chatman that delved deeply into the subject of leadership.

There was a sense of urgency in the classroom as United Capital’s 35 executives and financial advisors were quick to jump on any solicitation of thoughts from the professor. Leadership will determine the culture that determines the success of the aspiring consolidator of financial advisory practices.

Heather Underwood used good photography skills and good humor to get almost universal smiles out of this culture-minded crowd for this slideshow. Click “Show info” to see more information about each photo.

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But she also started with a group of people happily possessed of a palpable sense of mission to make a big, well-oiled company. United Capital CEO Joe Duran talked in some depth about what makes for a successful acquiring entity.

“Nobody thinks of Cisco as an acquiring company because they have one culture [and by following that example] that’s how we end up with an arbitrage,” he says.

I’ll carry more of Duran’s thoughts and those of Chatman on Monday in a more in-depth article.

Chatman’s bio notes that she has done consulting for these companies and other organizations: Advantage Sales & Marketing, ALZA, Boise-Cascade, Chiron, Cisco Systems, The Coca-Cola Company, ConocoPhillips, Fannie Mae, First Data, Franklin Templeton, Freddie Mac, Gallo Winery, Genentech, Intel, Kaiser-Permanente, Microsoft, New York Life, PG&E, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Qualcomm, Sandia National Laboratories, the US Postal Service, and the US Treasury.

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