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  • 6 FTEs
  • Founded in 2006


What is the service or product you offer to RIAs?

Finetooth Consulting provides Retail & Institutional Transition Advisory and Practice Advisory services to Financial Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers across the country. As a research based consulting firm, these services are tailored to each client, to ensure suitability. We have offices located across the country to ensure regional support. Our services resemble that of a Sports Agent and their high profile athletes. In addition, we recently launched an online recruiting tool geared toward helping independent firms further develop their regional footprint. Please visit www.softlandingfirms.com for the details.

How do you differentiate your offering from competitors?

At Finetooth, we provide an overlay consulting approach to each of our client projects, ensuring a customized solution. We are quality based and highly selective about the projects we accept. Our competitors are looking at the number of deals they can get in motion and often times don’t understand the mechanics involved to properly provide advice to advisors.

What else would you like to say about your business?

Since our inception we have been building our business by referral only. The only way a business can sustain this growth pattern is by doing the right thing, not once, but every single time.

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